Jur Dekker and Erik Jager are the men behind Doctor Decorum.
Their mission?
More beauty in da house!

Erik Jager and Jur Dekker, the men behind Doctor Decorum

Erik Jager and Jur Dekker
+31(0)6 2929 7007


We share a passion for beauty. For houses, for cars, for nature. And especially for design and art. There is so much beauty in this world. Objects we easily fall for: a rare tea trolley found on a French brocante, or a plastic sculpture obtained at an auction. We buy the things we think are really beautiful.


We especially look off the beaten track. We believe that’s where one finds the most exclusive things. But we love established names as well. Charles & Ray Eames, Verner Panton, Eero Aarnio. Their designs are of a timeless beauty. We think the mix of famous and unknown design is very exciting.


We have come to know our way in the world of auction houses and other specific deco spots, purely by decorating our own homes. That’s how Doctor Decorum was born. We simply love hunting for the good stuff. And once we find it, we want to give it the best new home possible.


We have a special place in our hearts for design from Brazil. Particularly for the animal figurines made by the Brazilian artist Abraham Palatnik. We predict a great future for these in Europe. Dr. Decorum’s aesthetic is luxurious and artistic. Sometimes you need to look a little longer at an object to see its beauty. That’s what’s it about.


Sometimes a special collection just happens, of samplers for instance. By itself on the wall a sampler may be boring, but if you mount fifteen together you may find something really exciting on your wall.

Interior advice

Apart from selling art and design we also offer an interior decoration consultancy for your house, office or any other space. Not only do we draw from our own expertise, we also dispose of an extended network of specialists in many fields.