25 Original Marshall Plan Posters, a Complete Collection of the Contest Winners

25 Original Marshall Plan Posters, a Complete Collection of the Contest Winners

Set of 25 vintage Propaganda posters for the post-war US sponsored European Recovery Program (Marshall plan). This is a complete set including all 25 entries.

Two years after a gigantic recovery program to rebuild post-war Europe – better known as the Marshall Plan – became operational, a Graphic Design Contest was held to promote cooperation and trade among Western European nations.

Based on the theme ‘Intra-European Cooperation For A Better Standard of Living’ 25 posters were selected as the most outstanding from among 10,000 such posters submitted by artists in thirteen European nations participating in the Marshall Plan.

Following run-off competitions locally a selection of the best posters from each country was submitted to Paris to be judged by a distinguished intra-European jury composed of representatives of the graphics and fine arts professions, museum directors and curators, educators and information specialists from twelve of the thirteen participating countries.

The Rotterdam based printing company Kühn & Zoon printed the 25 winning designs in 1950. From the heritage of another Dutch printing house we were able to acquire 24 of those original posters, printed by Kühn & Zoon in 1950. Recently we were able to find and obtain the 25th piece of this historical set of artwork. So now we’re thrilled to announce that we can offer you this very rare opportunity to get the full collection of winning Marshall Posters.

The condition of those posters is very good although on some of them there is a little creasing in the margins as can be seen on the pictures.


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